Lifehack: get paid to poop

Never ever poop at your own home would be my tip of the day. Do this on your company’s time. If you poop for an average of 10 minutes per day (which is absolutely reasonable), your company will have paid you for more than 40 hours of pooping by the end of the year… Which is half as long as most paid vacations. 🙂

Things you only see in Belgium – Why and how Belgians are such problem solvers

Belgians are problem solvers. When we see an issue, we solve it with a so-called “Belgian solution”*; aesthetics and practicality however are not very high on our priority list.Bridges in the middle of nowhere, stairs that don’t lead to anywhere, big and completely useless buildings, we have it all in Belgium.Short-term thinking is absolutely the way to go for us Belgians. And we go all the way. We think big and invest money, even tons of money, in big projects which later appear to be completely useless. Did you know that in the early 1980’s we build an entire metro infrastructure in Charleroi, (people now call it the Ghost Metro) which we never used?

We do also love our road signs though, that’s why we tend to use as many of them as possible.

But honestly as the song says, it’s absolutely great to be a Belgian. You can’t help but feel a certain degree of affection when you stroll around our roads and notice all the goofy Belgian solutions.

*A German, so astonished by what he saw in Belgium, even made a book about it, called “Belgian Solutions”.

Buy the book ‘Belgian Solutions’, volume 1 and 2:

And buy the book ‘Ugly Belgian Houses’ for the ugliest Belgian houses: